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To teach machines to see beyond the capabilities of the eye
and understand beyond the capabilities of the mind.

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Cainthus is a machine vision company based in Dublin, Ottawa, and San Francisco. Using our unique expertise, we turn visual information into actionable data. While our technology has a wide variety of potential applications, our focus is currently on agriculture, where we can have the greatest impact on global sustainability issues. By providing data driven solutions we can reduce inefficiencies in food production and facilitate the more effective, environmentally sustainable use of land.

what we do ---

livestock + crop
health analytics

Using predictive imaging analysis, we monitor the health and well-being of crops and livestock, providing the information to make better decisions, solving problems before they occur. We provide high frequency and cost effective high resolution imaging. We are dedicated to providing an accurate, efficient, and affordable service to our clients.

our technology ---

vision software

Our unique algorithm suite offers peerless interpretation of visual data at low cost, enabling high frequency measurement and analysis It works with any hardware that provides visual information, at any scale, and is compatible with all existing technology including UAV, satellite, CCTV, and smart devices. Today, this software is applicable to both livestock & crops.


Our software provides all weather crop analysis in the following areas:

Rates of Growth
General Plant Health
Stressor Identification
Biomass Quantification

Fruit Ripeness
Crop Maturity
Stand Counts


Our software provides analysis of both dairy & beef cows in the following areas:

Facial/Body Identification
Lameness Detection

Livestock Activity
Feed Intake

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