World's most advanced AI tech for dairy monitoring


Our vision, your success

Cainthus is a computer vision company based in Dublin, California & Ottawa. We combine unparalleled expertize and cutting-edge innovation, to passively monitor your cows 24/7 and analyze their well-being, productivity and performance, alerting you when it matters most.

Farmers First

Although Cainthus roots are steeped in agriculture, we know that farmers today have the benefit of hindsight when it comes to herd management, and it’s this knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, that is the key to turning hindsight into foresight.


Our Story

Coming from a small village in rural Ireland and growing up in a family that owns Ireland’s largest grain importer and exporter, Comex McKinnon, David and Ross Hunt have a rich background in agriculture.

Post college, Ross worked in accounting before he entered the family business while David initially pursued a career in corporate banking. Despite his success in the sector, he found it to be an unsatisfying profession and after five years decided to close the book on his banking career.

Our Team

Building effective teams with the right attitude emanates from the highest levels of an organization.

At Cainthus we operate with a spirit of openness and collaboration, spearheaded by our leadership.

Teams are not born, they are built, and team spirit comes from the top.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.
— Henry Ford