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Our vision, your success.

Cainthus is a computer vision company based in Dublin, California & Ottawa. We combine unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge innovation, to passively monitor your cows 24/7 and analyse their well-being, productivity and performance, alerting you when it matters most.


We know that farmers have the benefit of hindsight when it comes to herd management, and it’s this knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, that is the key to turning hindsight into foresight. For this reason, we work side by side with our customers to develop technologies that focus on the things that matter most to them. We automate the manual process of observation to provide more precise, timely and efficient actionable insights.

We are committed to using technology to address the biggest challenges facing our global food system such as food safety, labour shortages and finite resources.

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Rooted in Agriculture

“When David Hunt talks about agriculture and technology, his eyes sparkle and he gestures expressively. His enthusiasm is infectious.” – Tanyatorn Tongwaranan, The Bangkok Post.

Coming from a small village in rural Ireland and growing up in a family that owns Ireland’s largest grain importer and exporter, Comex McKinnon, David and Ross Hunt have a rich background in agriculture.

Post college, Ross worked in accounting before he entered the family business while David initially pursued a career in corporate banking. Despite his success in the sector, he found it to be an unsatisfying profession and after five years decided to close the book on his banking career.

David never lost touch with his agricultural roots, and in 2010 he was invited to an agribusiness symposium in the USA. It was during this trip he realised that the world is on the verge of the next major agricultural revolution and it would be fundamentally driven by digitisation and technology, another passion of his since youth.

“If you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it, and global agriculture largely functioned without any proper data driven decision making. All of a sudden I could see all of my great loves in life, tech/animals/plants/outdoors, coalescing into a singular area.”

Soon after this, David joined Comex where Ross was developing a computer-system to digitise and automate the company’s operations. The net result was a doubling in size of the company from US$108m in revenue to $203 million in two and a half years without hiring a single person. Then, in 2013, for David’s 30th birthday, Ross organised a place on Singularity U’s executive program in California.

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“The key moment for the inception of Cainthus occurred when I put on Google Glass for the first time. It was an awful experience due to how unwieldy the UI was, but it was clear that a future version of this would have the potential to provide farmers with real-time computer vision-based measurement. SU also made it clear that while developing software was expensive, the cost of imaging sensors and GPU’s were dropping at an exponential rate while improving in quality. It became obvious that if you built the right intelligent software, you would be able to profitably deploy a system that could offer accurate measurement to farmers. This realisation is what became Cainthus.”

- David Hunt


By mid-2014, the Hunt brothers left the family business and co-founded Cainthus with Robin Johnston, a Canadian with a rare set of skills -- extensive knowledge of cows, crops and animal nutrition along with a PhD-level computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise.   For the three founders, the ultimate goal is to develop technology to help farmers make better decisions and solve problems early while also making it affordable for all. The name Cainthus is derived from the latin word ‘canthus’ meaning the corner of your eye. The addition of ‘AI’ to the word is to reflect the technology on which the company is built.

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