Built by farmers, for farmers

Although Cainthus roots are steeped in agriculture, we know that farmers today have the benefit of hindsight when it comes to herd management, and it’s this knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, that is the key to turning hindsight into foresight. For this reason, we work side by side with our customers to develop technologies that focus on the things that matter most to them.

We automate the manual process of observation to provide more precise, timely and efficient actionable insights.


Maddox Dairy, California

“Partnering with Cainthus in the development of their technologies has been a fantastically unique experience. Never before have I had the opportunity to work with a team who are dedicated to building solutions that address my daily farming challenges. The benefits I see are tremendous as they are completely customer focused”.

– Steve Maddox, Maddox Dairy, California


Yosemite Dairy, California

“I have spent the past seven months as an advisor to Cainthus as they develop smart systems for farming. I have tried out digital technologies on my farm before with varied results. Cainthus desire to understand our industry is unparalleled and their hunger for customer knowledge and insight is the thing that sets them apart. They listen and act.

– Brett Barlass, Yosemite Dairy, California.


At Cainthus we are committed to using technology to address the biggest challenges facing our global food system such as food safety, labor shortages and finite resources.