A new vision for animals, farmers and food production. Built by farmers for farmers.


At Cainthus we are developing the world's most advanced technology for dairy farms today; Technology that’s transformational for animals, farmers and the production of food. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify health, reproduction and environmental changes early on, we translate visual information into actionable data.


Comfort is central to the health, productivity, and welfare of dairy cows.

For the animal, it means we can improve cow comfort throughout the lifecycle by monitoring their individual needs and alerting the farmer instantly when early intervention is needed.

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An eye on your farm, An eye on your future

At a time when labour shortages are a huge issue for farmers, our system watches over every cow every day, 24/7 so they don’t have.

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Transform the way you work and improve your farm’s profitability.

Enhancing animal well-being makes for ‘happy cows’ and happy cows are more productive and this means improved farm profitability.

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Most importantly of all, Cainthus technology is developed by farmers for farmers.

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