Leadership Team

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Aidan Connolly

Chief Executive Officer

Aidan officially joined Cainthus as CEO in January 2019 but is often referred to as the fourth founder given his involvement with the company since its inception.

Prior to this, he held the position of CIO at Alltech. During his 25+ years there he worked with a full range of executive and managerial challenges, including direct experience of greenfield startups, high growth environments, turnaround issues, challenging economic environments and a wide range of political and economic systems. He has leadership experience from strategy to operations to production, developing sales programs and developing cohesive teams that deliver strong results.

Aidan has worked in over 100 countries and speaks five languages. He has worked in political associations, with state and national governments in the US, China, Europe and Brazil, international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations.

Aidan holds a Master’s in International Marketing from the Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland and is the author of the strategic business planning book, ‘2-1-4-3, a Plan for Explosive Business Growth’.

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Ann Kehoe

Chief Marketing Officer

Having built up 20+ years experience in marketing and design communications Ann joined Cainthus in 2019 where she is responsible for the long term strategic development of the Cainthus brand. She drives the marketing vision in line with the needs of the target audience as well as the long and short term commercial objectives of the business.  

Prior to her role with Cainthus she served as Global Head of Brand for Alltech and led multimillion dollar projects such as the title sponsorship of The World Equestrian Games 2014.

In recent years Ann has worked with multiple late stage startups in the AgTech sector and help them accelerate their marketing strategies on a global stage.

Throughout her career, Ann has worked in both creative agencies for FMCG and corporate environments for B2B clients. She is passionate about creating a journey of engagement between customer and company that impacts business growth in multinational environments.


Steve Kickert

Chief Operating Officer

With over 30 years’ experience of building and leading software product organizations, and a reputation as a solid partner to visionary leaders, Steve joined Cainthus in 2019 as COO.

Prior to joining Cainthus, Steve served as Director of Technology at Cargill where he led product development for two different businesses focused on creating software solutions for animal nutrition and animal production. He has also co-founded and directed a number of hardware and software companies, managed multi-million dollar budgets and negotiated successful exits.

Steve’s broad industry experience has allowed him to hit the ground running at Cainthus where he is overseeing the company's day-to-day operations and helping set strategic direction. Steve holds a B.S. in Computer Science from The University of North Dakota as well as a Mini-Masters of Software Engineering from the University of St. Thomas.

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Jane Cummings

VP of Computer Vision & Data Science

Jane joined Cainthus in May 2017 as a Data Scientist. By the beginning of 2019, she became VP of Computer Vision and Data Science. She and her team are focused on developing computer vision and machine learning models that deliver valuable insights at large commercial scale to Cainthus dairy customers.

Before joining Cainthus, Jane spent six years working in the ATLAS Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. During this time, she analysed large volumes of experimental proton-proton collision data and made contributions to the historic discovery of the Higgs boson. She led analysis teams to perform measurements of tau polarization never before made at a hadron collider. She has found herself a natural fit within the Cainthus team with an enduring enthusiasm for taking on challenges and problem solving.

Jane has a B.A. in Physics and Mathematics from Grinnell College and a Ph.D in Physics from Yale University.


Ross Hunt

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Prior to founding Cainthus, Ross worked as finance director for Comex McKinnon, a leading Irish agricultural procurement company. While in this role Ross designed and developed a big-data computer system that digitized all of Comex’s processes while automating much of the company’s administration. This enabled Comex to double its physical volume of grain handled in three years without hiring a single additional employee, which increased revenue from €108m to €203m.

After seeing the power of digitization, it became important to Ross to introduce these systems to the industrial food production system to make it more likely that he can enjoy the outdoors with his grandchildren.

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Robin Johnston


Robin’s background is in computer science and artificial intelligence, specializing in agricultural applications.

Robin is a graduate of the University of Liverpool and Pennsylvania State University and has applied his doctoral work to both international and domestic projects ranging from temporal systems modelling to pattern recognition.

Growing up in agriculture and experiencing first-hand the need for data driven decision-making tools, it became important to introduce robust methodologies in agricultural. Using his background in artificial intelligence provides him with insights into new methods of developing data for agricultural producers.


David Hunt

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

David started his career as a corporate banker but had long been fascinated by the opportunities to exploit emerging technology in various agricultural areas, so in 2016 co-founded Cainthus. As a startup founder, David has led many different initiatives pivotal to building the company to where it is today. He now leads the company’s strategic focus.

David has provided consultancy for the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Energy on sustainable agriculture and the European Union Agriculture and Rural Development Cabinet on agricultural legislation and entrepreneurship. He is also an accomplished public speaker, chiefly discussing the intersection of technology and agriculture.

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