Real-time insights at your fingertips…

We collect and process key animal and dairy farm performance indicators including:

  • Water Intake

  • Feed Bunker Management

  • Feed Time Consistency

  • Body Conditioning Score

  • Feed Intake

  • Feed Efficiency

  • Sifting & Sorting

  • Aggressive Eating

  • Daily Reports

  • Alerts

  • Insight Reports

    Our easy to use software delivers daily notifications to your phone and provides real-time access to detailed analytics that can inform the actions you need to take to improve milk production and animal well-being.


Animal & Dairy Performance

Access real-time information directly from your mobile. Daily insight reports help you to prioritise tasks based on individual animal needs. Pinpoint any unusual animal behaviour or potential early stage issues.

Automated Alerts & Intelligence

Receive an alert directly to your phone in minutes if an issue arises in one of your pens. Early detection, swift intervention and a process that allows you to minimise and manage any potential issues seamlessly.

Prioritize Cow Comfort

Your animals’ well being is vital to your farm. That’s why our technology is non-invasive and non-disruptive, ensuring that your animals’ health is always a priority.

cainthus-camera feed.png

Always have an eye on your cows

Access your live barn camera feeds 24/7, 365 from anywhere in the world.

A simple easy to use app allows real-time monitoring for each of your cameras remotely.

Giving you extra piece of mind.


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