Our Technology

Combining computer vision & artificial intelligence 

Our smart camera system collects video data on site, which it uses to teach itself the unique I.D. of all cows in a pen by using their pelt pattern and facial features.

We collect and process key animal and dairy farm performance indicators, enabling you to gain vital knowledge and actionable insights to improve your farm’s overall profitability and productivity.

Our easy-to-use software delivers daily notifications to your phone and provides real-time access to detailed analytics that can inform the actions you need to take to improve milk production and animal well-being.


How it works

With approximately 20 cameras installed in each barn, our platform can gain a comprehensive analysis and visual data capture of your herd. In just seconds, our imaging technology identifies and memorizes individual cows (X) by their unique features, such as their coat pattern, ear tag and facial features.

Each animal is its own sensor, and our technology captures 10 images per second, totalling 864k data points per animal, per day. Every second, we aggregate these 10 I.D.’d images and analyze the rate of change of pixels between them. We use this rate to interpret each animal’s “gesture” (Y).

This visual data is then processed securely on your farm and analyzed in our private cloud to provide in-depth insights and allowing you to track precise animal behavior and productivity performance at individual animal, pen or farm level.

We make sense of the data, so you don’t have to. Allowing you to know what your animals are doing, where and when - all through your smart phone.


Scalable Technology

Monitoring multiple behaviours at once



Improved animal comfort


Minimal Maintenance

Continuously evolving platform


Real-time Insights

Improve farm efficiency & profitability


Cainthus helps dairy farmers make better daily decisions, enabling:

  • Improved barn feed efficiency & water intake 

  • Enhanced animal health, well-being and comfort

  • Increased milk production 

  • Improved farm profitability, efficiency & sustainability