World's most advanced AI tech for dairy monitoring



Our Technology


We help farmers make data-driven decisions to improve farming operations and animal health, so the animal can live its best life whilst improving farm productivity and profitability. 


Combining computer vision and artificial intelligence

Our smart camera system collects video data on-site, which it uses to assess animal behaviour and environmental changes that can affect production.  

We process key animal and dairy farm performance indicators, enabling you to gain vital knowledge and actionable insights to improve your farm’s overall profitability and productivity.

Our easy-to-use software delivers daily notifications to your phone and provides access to detailed analytics that can inform the actions you need to take to improve milk production and animal well-being.


Prioritizing cow comfort

Keeping an eye on your cows 24/7 ensures your cows are free from:

  • Lack of food

  • Lack of water

  • Discomfort and pain

And our passive technology is non-invasive and non-disruptive, ensuring that your animals' health is always a priority.

Benefits to the farmer

Cainthus technology helps dairy farmers make better daily decisions, enabling:

  • Improved feed efficiency and water intake.

  • Enhanced animal health, wellbeing and comfort.

  • Increased milk production.


Our impact on food production

Not only do we work side by side with our customers to develop technologies that focus on the things that matter most to them, but we also strive to address some of the biggest challenges facing our global food system.


  • Food safety – early intervention on health issues results in less antibiotics in food system.

  • Labor shortages at farm level leading to decline in output.

  • Finite resources – Monitoring means improved production efficiency and less waste.

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24/7 Passive monitoring of your farm activities & herd behavior

  • Easy installation of our non-invasive smart cameras in your barn.

  • Round the clock visual data capture and analysis.

  • We make sense of the data, so you don’t have to.

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Feed insights

  • Objectively measure feed availability throughout the day & ensure your cows always have access to feed.

  • Monitor variability in feeding activities & improve the consistency of your operations.

  • Understand feeding patterns and determine how best to distribute feed to maximise intakes & reduce waste.



Herd behavior insights

  • Understand the time budget for cows in each pen and identify areas for improvement.

  • Discover trends & relationships between herd behavior and milk production, reproduction, & health events.

  • Use quantified data to determine whether changes in the cows environment, and farming practices have made a difference.

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